Mr. Matthew Pearce
Driving Lessons
I signed up for lessons from Paul with no previous driving experience and not really knowing what to expect. After nearly 40 hours I'm very glad I choose to learn with him and the LDC system. The learning material I was given was really handy, having a running log of my progress and points to read up on for future lessons made it easy to not stress about what I'd be doing next. Paul always arrives on time and with a chilled out and fun attitude, whilst constantly pushing forward to make sure I'm making progress towards being a good driver. I'm fast approaching my driving test and feel confident with all the hard work Paul has put into teaching me. I'd recommend him for any other anxious first timers looking to get behind the wheel.

Cristina EnacheCristina Enache
Test booster
I am very happy I could use the unique LD system. The workbook and DVD with video lessons are very useful, helped me to prepare before driving lessons and allow me to review everything as many times as I'd like. Paul is a great, friendly and patient Instructor and with his client centred approach helped me to find out my strong and week areas, making possible to advance quickly and in a very relaxed environment. I would recommend him to anyone interested to have nice and friendly lessons with a quick advance ( in fact I already did that to my friends who are interested in driving lessons).

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